Remote Car Starters   

 Remote starter installation in Buffalo, NY

 This aftermarket necessity offers customers the comfort and convenience of starting a vehicle from inside their home or at work with just a touch of a button, avoiding the hassle of running out in the cold to scrape the ice & snow from your windows and manually starting your vehicle . By pressing the remote start button, your vehicle's engine engages, heating or cooling your automobile for up to 15 minutes. A Remote car starter is perfect for yourself or makes a great gift for family and loved ones. It comes with a transferable limited lifetime guarantee. Please contact us to learn more about our remote car starter installation in Buffalo, NY.
Remote Engine Starting Instructions:
1. Press the remote start button for 3 seconds.
2. Parking lights flash once, return solid, then ignition turns on.
3. After a few seconds the starter motor engages, and parking lights and ACC circuits will turn off while cranking.
4. Engine starts and runs. Parking lights and ACC turn back on, doors lock.
5. Engine will remain running for 15 minutes or until reset with brake pedal, time out or user abort.

Convenience / Safety and Options
• Two 4-button "coolglow" remotes
• Optional remote auxiliary channel output for electric trunk release
• "Dynamic code" Anti-code grabbing protection
• High-frequency transmitters (1,000 ft. range)
• Optional remote keyless entry (controls power locks)
• Extended range on-glass antenna
• Gas or diesel engine operation
• Automatic transmission equipped vehicles
• Idle-down mode takes over operation when key is removed
• Not available for standard transmissions
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